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Meet Sabrina 

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Sabrina is a lifelong Tarrant County resident, born in North Richland Hills and raised in Azle, Texas. Her small-town upbringing forged her into the industrious, hardworking woman she is today. She comes from a long line of strong Texas women with an incredible work ethic and rock-solid family values. Her own mother was a business owner and helped cultivate Renteria’s entrepreneurial spirit from a young age – at just 13 years-old she was all but operating the family business. Her father worked as a peace officer for the Tarrant County Sheriff’s department for over 29 years. Through him and his service, Sabrina learned the meaning of strong community values and the importance of actively serving in your community.


Sabrina graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of North Texas. After graduation, she took a job with an event planning company and discovered her true passion – a passion for planning.  She has spent the past ten years honing her craft in the hospitality industry, specializing in event planning and production. With two event production companies and a design company that specialize in large-scale corporate events, she brings clients both the vision and follow-through necessary to make their wildest dreams a very real reality.  


While Sabrina is proud of creating three successful businesses, she is most proud of her two beautiful children. Her 12-year-old son Kingston and 4-year-old daughter Vivienne are her biggest blessings. Their days are filled with extracurricular activities, piano, and sports. Renteria is an involved mom, always making sure to leave time for her kids within her busy schedule. Kingston and Vivienne are her why.  Sabrina is running for city council for them, in hopes that they will value their experience growing up in Fort Worth the way she did when she grew up there.


Sabrina is a champion for her community as well, especially for small and/or women-owned businesses. She has served three years as the First Vice President and Second Vice President of The Professional Wedding Guild of Fort Worth. During her tenure, Sabrina has spent time building accreditation programs and crafting awards to propel fellow industry professionals forward and garner recognition for other small business owners throughout the city. Renteria also mentors her neighbors looking to learn her trade and start their own small businesses, volunteers as a youth softball coach, and as a counselor for young women.

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Equality Meets Opportunity

Sabrina Renteria is an expert event planner with a clear plan for the city of Fort Worth. An entrepreneur by nature, she has over ten years of experience owning and operating three award-winning businesses in her district. Renteria is a community leader, an advocate for small businesses, and a hands-on mother to two fantastic children. Sabrina’s family embraces and embodies the diversity of Fort Worth’s 9th district and Sabrina understands the needs of the place they have called home for over a decade.

Sabrina Renteria always comes equipped with an action plan. She is a planner, that is who she is, and what she does. She has service in her heart and that passion shows in every one of her interactions with clients, fellow business owners, and community members. The time for politicians is over, it is the time of public service.  She is a hard-working and diligent lady of action. She produces what others can only dream about.


Now, she is ready to produce for Fort Worth.  

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